Best Dog Doors | Electronic Dog Doors 2021 (Reviews & Buyer’s Guide)

Best Dog Doors | Electronic Dog Doors

Owning a dog can be quite a hard task. For many folks, they consider it a step or two below human parenting! Therefore, they always look for useful hacks that can make it easier to take good care of their furry friend. Among the best of accomplishments is by installing an electronic dog door.

Dog doors are essential in many ways. Above all, they eliminate the worries of pet owners when they are not around home. In other words, they let your dog in and out of the house when nature calls. However, the many options in the market today have made it impossible to find an appropriate unit. Thankfully, our article has a list of 10 best dog door & electronic dog doors you can buy in 2020. It includes the following:

Reviews – Best Dog Doors | Electronic Dog Doors

10. PetSafe Plastic Dog Pet Door

Give your dog the freedom of going in and out of their desired time with PetSafe Plastic Pet Door! It features a Snap-On closing panel that closes off the opening when not in use. Thus, it helps to keep insects and drafts out of your dog’s house. The best part is, it is available in four sizes so that you can choose conveniently the one that fits your dog.

Other than that, it is a durable plastic pet door to give you and your dog the freedom you want. In addition, the PetSafe Dog Door has lax and flexible transparent panels. Therefore, they are secure to allow your dog to push through to open and get back inside their house. Interestingly, installing it is pretty easy and requires no experience.

Special Features:

  • Reliable plastic frame makes it best for a moderate house or single dog
  • The door frame is customizable as you can paint it to match with your door color or décor
  • Available in four sizes to fit all dog sizes with ultimate convenience
  • Soft vinyl flexible flap enhance comfort for your dog, and it’s easy to install and use

9. SureFlap Microchip Pet Door

Stay connected to your dog regardless of the place you are with SureFlap Microchip Pet Door. It combines the SureFlap Hub purchased on its own and Sure Petcare app to lock the door remotely. Besides that, you can receive notifications on your pet’s movement and track changes in their activity. It is suitable for feniles and small dogs.

Moreover, it uses the pet’s existing microchip as the key to the electronic door. Thus, it helps to keep away other unwanted pets from getting in. In addition, the Sure Petcare app will let you know whenever your dog enters or leaves the house. What is more, the SureFlap Microchip Pet Door operates on batteries, and you can install it on doors, windows, or walls with ease.

Special Features:

  • Sure PetCare smart app helps to monitor your dog’s movement and activities
  • this dog door is remotely lockable and unlockable with ease
  • Designed to suit large cats and small dogs
  • Reads your pets existing microchip to restrict entry by unwanted pets

8. Armor Flex Air Tight Pet Door

The new Armor Flex Pet Door is a unique type of pet doors you can find on the market. In other words, they have a new, patent-hanging flap structure that offers an airtight closure. As a result, it gives excellent weather resistance and enhances ultimate energy effectiveness. Besides, this inventive new flap style has distinct linking parts.

Furthermore, Armor Flex Air Tight Pet Door boasts high-quality construction. This makes it the best-made cat and dog door on the planet. It features a heavy-duty aluminum frame construction, ABS composite flap, and all stainless steel hardware. On top of that, the door has the most robust industrial powder coat to give incredible look and durability.

Special Features:

  • Reliable industrial powder coating gives an elegant look
  • Sturdy construction of the aluminum frame and ABS composite flap for maximum durability
  • Designed to offer weather resistance and enhance energy efficiency
  • Interlocking segments offers vertical flexibility for easy and secure use by your pet

7. PetSafe Extreme Weather Dog and Cat Door

The PetSafe Extreme Weather Dog Door offers your furry friend the freedom of getting in and out without calling for your help to open the door. Besides that, it helps to get rid of drafts during winter and retains air conditioning in the summer. In other words, this unique dog door helps to protect your home in any weather conditions.

Interestingly, it installs easily in most exterior dogs like the paneled, PVC, wood, and metal doors 1.5 to 2-inches thick. The best part is, the PetSafe Extreme Weather Dog has perfect insulation. Thus, it blocks three times more thermal heat than any standard pet door. Moreover, it features an adjustable yet flexible flap with magnetic seal to keep the weather out.

Special Features:

  • Designed to keep drafts in winter out and conserves air in summers hence energy efficient
  • Features three-flap insulation with magnetic seals for the ultimate keeping of extreme weather out of home
  • Made to last long thanks to the durable metal frame with strengthened aluminum corners
  • Easily installs in many exterior doors and it is suitable for handling multiple dogs

6. Power Pet Electronic Pet Door

Are you looking for a dog door designed for excellent performance, design, value, and reliability? If yes, the Power Pet Electronic Pet Door is here for you. It is motor driven and initiated by the small ultrasonic collar around the pet’s neck. Therefore, it opens only for your pets whenever the collar gets sensed by the electric door.

Besides that, Power Pet Electronic Pet Door features a translucent door panel crafted with a new super-strength and bulletproof resin. This guarantees you a long-lasting performance. Remarkably, this airtight panel quickly and silently powers upward, disappearing into the stylish housing whenever the pet approaches the door.

Special Features:

  • Equipped with a deadbolt locking feature to enhance a higher level of security
  • Unlocked with the pet’s small ultrasonic collar to keep stray animals and intruder pets away
  • Wind and waterproof thanks to the air-tight sealing system
  • Allows full customization of in and out range settings for your dog

5. Plexidoor Large Wall Mount PDE Electric Pet Door

The Plexidoor PDE Electric Dog Door is the best choice for pet owners looking for their dogs’ ultimate convenience and safety. It has a composite panel that slides up and down with ease like a mini electronic garage door. Even more, it acts as a security door when not in use assuring the utmost safety of your dog.

It uses the RFID technology with a sensor to read pre-programmed code to automatically open and close. Thus, it allows only your dog to get in and keep away stray animals and other pets. The best part is, you can modify this door to control the period it stays open. The Plexidoor Electric Dog Door is easy to install, program, and use.

Special Features:

  • Suitable for dogs and cats with weights of up to 125pounds
  • Incredibly safe for both children and dog since it doesn’t close when obstructed
  • Strengthened aluminum frames with powder-coated finish enhance durability
  • It comes with two PDE collar keys that are entirely customizable with ease

4. Solo Pet Doors Automatic Electronic Door and Cat Door

Being available in up to ten different door sizes, the Solo Pet Electronic Dog Door is the best versatile choice. In other words, you will get the right door size that will suit your dog’s size and other pets. Besides that, it comes from the USA and is made by a well experienced manufacturer to guarantee you top-notch quality and satisfaction.

Interestingly, Solo Pet Electronic Door is entirely automatic. Thus, it doesn’t need much strain to open and close the door for your dog. You will find it with a magnetic pet tag that is attachable to the dog’s collar. Hence, it activates the door to open instantly when your dog approaches it. After that, it securely locks the door for extra safety from other animals and pets.

Special Features:

  • Comes with a magnetic pet tag that instantly activates the door when the dog gets near it
  • Made to lock in position when closed to give extra protection to your dog and home
  • Ultimately safe for your dog as it closes slowly using gravity
  • Available in up to ten different door sizes for a perfect fit for varied dog sizes and pets

3. Pet Power Electronic Dog Door

High Tech Pet Power is an exclusive and stylish electronic dog door you can find around. It is the perfect choice for most pet owners due to its ultimate efficiency. Tons of experts have acclaimed it, and generally, pets love it since it is friendly. Other than that, it comes with an ultrasonic pet collar designed to allow your dog in and out safely.

It features a translucent airtight panel crafted from bulletproof resin material for long-lasting performance. The best part is, the panel silently powers upwards into a stylish housing to let your dog in. In addition, it closes down to give a secure lock and keep other animals away. It is available in multiple sizes to suit every dog’s size and weight with efficiency.

Special Features:

  • A motor drives the vertically sliding door upon activation by the MS-4 ultrasonic collar
  • Uses a directional sensing system which opens the door when your dog is on a direct approach
  • The four-way control enables you to select and customize the door settings with ease
  • Wind and weatherproof door panel has an air-tight seal and deadbolt lock for top safety

2. Pet Safe Freedom Patio Panel Sliding Glass Pet Door

The Freedom Patio Panel Dog Door offers your doggies and felines the freedom of getting in and out. It is easier to install into most sliding door tracks and requires no cutting into doors or walls. As a result, it is the best solution for pet owners living in rental apartments. Also, it doesn’t need any skills to install hence economical.

Moreover, it has a weatherproof aluminum and shutter-resistant tempered glass for excellent durability. Plus, it has a magnetic closure mechanism that keeps cold and hot air out of your home. The Freedom Patio Panel Dog Door has a slip-in closing panel that keeps your dog safe.

Special Features:

  • Multiple colors and sizes for easy selection of the one suitable for your dog
  • Designed to be a sliding glass door insert and its detachable hence best for use in apartments
  • Energy-efficient thanks to the flexible tinted flap with a magnetic closure
  • Made to last longer thanks to the weatherproof aluminum and shatter-resistant tempered glass

1. PetSafe Electronic SmartDoor

Are you still looking for the best dog door that will give you full control of your dog’s access to the home? Well, the PetSafe SmartDoor should be your lucky pick. You can initiate the automatic mode to allow only your pets with SmartKey to get in. Naturally, it works by detecting the SmartKey and unlocks automatically without any hassle.

The good thing is that the range of SmartKey detection is adjustable up to three-feet for efficiency. Once your dog is in, the PetSafe SmartDoor locks automatically to keep your dogs and cats in and stray animals out. Moreover, you can install it on the interior or exterior doors and wall installation using the purchased wall installation kit.

Special Features:

  • Features a programmable selective entry, exit and auto-locking settings for a customized access
  • Waterproof SmartKey fitted on the pet’s collar ensures that only your pets get in and out
  • It has up to five customizable SmartKeys making it ideal for homes with multiple pets
  • Battery operated and easy installation either in the interior or exterior doors

Buyer’s Guide & Factors – Choosing The Best Dog Door & Electric Dog Door

Providing excellent protection and convenience is the best way to keep your furry friend close to you. Dog doors are available to give your dog the freedom to access the outside and inside of a home without bothering your comfort. However, finding the best unit that can allow all that to happen is never easy. Fortunately, this buying guide is here to help you compare and narrow down your selections with ease.


Typically, dog doors and frames consist of the construction of different materials. But most of them have aluminum or specific plastic materials. Their quality degree determines how strong and durable the door will be. In general, aluminum products tend to be durable; hence can last for a long time. Similarly, premium quality plastic materials are durable and mostly used in the creation of small pet doors. Therefore, consider one with durable construction for ultimate reliability.


The speed and simplicity of a dog door matter most. You will find them with different styles of installation. For instance, there are doors, windows, and wall-mounted dog doors. More importantly, consider one that does not need much time or effort to set it up with few tools. If you are new to fixing it, you may need the help of a professional.


In most cases, the dog door serves as a way to air circulation in and out of your home, making it energy efficient. However, the insulation varies depending on the number of flap panels the unit has. This is to say, one with multiple flaps tends to offer incredible insulation than those with a single door. If that is your goal, consider a dog door that will affect the heating or cooling of your home.


Another vital role served by a dog door is giving extra security for your home. Many high-quality units come with a unique locking system to prevent intruder animals from getting in. Plus, some come as smart doors that detect the microchip attached to the dog’s collar to give easy access. What is more, others are customizable to influence the entry and exit behavior of your dog. Thus, go for a unit that will make your dog feel safe and comfortable.


There are plenty of dog door options available for the pet owners looking for a quality pet door. Firstly, you need to decide the door style that will fit your house. After that, compare the above 10 best dog doors & electronic dog doors above to find the perfect unit. We have no doubt any of the options making into our list will serve you better offering the utmost experience. Go ahead now, grab one, and thank us later. Cheers!! is a free resource for pet parents and pet lovers alike. Our team consists of veterinarians, animal trainers and experts, full-time researchers and writers, and of course, animal lovers and pet owners. Our goal? To help animal owners around the world care better for their pets so they can be healthier, happier and live longer.

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